The school of MSE offers graduate degree programs at master’s levels, including a Master of Science (S. M.) program and a Master of Engineering (M. E.) program.

The S. M. program aims to prepare students a solid understanding of general phenomena in all materials (including processing, structure, properties and applications) through theoretical learning. The S.M. degree is awarded for the successful completion of ten graduate-level courses with no grade less than “C”. The S.M. degree is non-research based degree and no dissertation or general examination is required.

The M. E. program aims to develop and promote problem-solving capabilities of the student on materials technology through combined training of classroom learning, lab research and/or industrial practice. Upon entering this degree program, the student will discuss with his/her academic supervisor on a study plan, which usually consists of one year of course work (and/or internship) and one year of research for a master’s thesis. The title of the thesis and/or the intership project will be defined by the academic supervisor upon mutual agreement.