On August 22th, 2014 to 23th, the Fifth Congress of the China Youth Association of Science and Technology held in Beijing, the CPC Central Committee, Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. More than 250 national young scientists from various fields of scientific and technological fronts participated in the meeting. Professor Zhou Jianxin, school of Materials Science and Engineering, elected Fifth China Youth Science and Technology Association executive director.

China Youth Association of Science and Technology was founded in 1993, which is a professional mass organization consists of high prestige, influence, popularity of young scientists and local youth technology industry groups and part of overseas students at home and abroad, it’s an important bridge link of the party young scientists and government.

The fifth China Youth Science and Technology Association has 1022 members, three of which are academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 118 of which are Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, Cheung Kong Scholars, National Science and Technology Progress Award winners, special government allowances winners and etc., 590 of which have senior titles, accounting for 58% of the total membership. The association also absorbed 20 provincial Youth Science and Technology groups as group members.

In the next five years, China Youth Science and Technology Association  will focus on "the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, building an innovative country, for the realization of 'two hundred years' goal to provide a strong scientific and technological support," the historic mission to inspire the patriotic enthusiasm and dedication of young scientists, to unite and organize young scientists serving for the national economic and social development, for the growth of young scientists, for the fostering of  scientific quality of youth, to consciously undertake the responsibility of era, and to strive to build the association a worthy name of "house of young scientists."