On December 26th, 2013, Signing and issuing ceremony were held. Cui Kun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his wife Professor Zhu Huinan, their daughter Cui Mingling donated 4.2 million yuan to Huazhong University of Science Education Development Foundation to set up the grants. It grants an annual subsidy of 28 undergraduate students, 8,000 yuan per person.    

School Party Committee, Chief Accountant, Central China Education Development Foundation Chairman Zhan Yiqing attended the signing ceremony. Former Party branch secretary of the school of Materials Science and Engineering, Zheng Enyan, presided over the ceremony

Donor representative Cui Kun and Recipient representative Zhan Yi Qing signed the donation agreement, Zhan Yi Qing awarded the certificates to Cui Kun.

Li Tao, the Party branch secretary of the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, announced the recipients of "diligent inspirational grants" from school year 2013-2014. Cui Kun, Zhan Yi Qing and other attendees awarded the donation certificates to the recipients.

Student representative Liao Chao thanked. She said she and other recipients will maximally make good use of this grants, be more diligent, live more enjoyable. In the coming days, they also will learn from the charity of Cui Kun and his family, do their best to make more contributions to the society.
Cui Kun and his family set out his intention to donate in his speech. He combined his experience in life, told the students that the university life is the most precious in life, the most memorable period of time. He urged the students to cherish this precious time, study hard and improve physique, improve humane quality, learn skills, be enthusiastic about public welfare, enhance social responsibility, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and make due contributions.
Zhan Yiqing thanked for the charity of Cui Kun and his family. She said Cui Kun academician and his wife Professor Zhu Huinan put their lifelong efforts into the teaching and research work of the school. They were on their respective positions and made outstanding contributions over the years. . Professor Zhu Huinan is one of the oldest teachers of the former Department of Chemistry in our school, served as the director of Department of Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry; Cui Kun was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering by virtue of his outstanding achievements in the field of metal materials research. Cui Kun and Professor Zhu Huinan worked diligently in their respective areas of research and made outstanding contributions; they lived frugally for years, out of which a sum of money to save.

Zhan Yi Qing said, Cui Kun and his family’s 4.2-million-yuan donation to the school for the establishment of diligent inspirational grants funding for students from economically disadvantaged families, reflected their love of school and college students. She hoped the recipients cherish the opportunities to learn, be more diligent, become the pillars of nation-building soon, and will be able to do their part to contribute to the community.
Education Development Foundation Director, Director of Student Affairs Office Yi Yuanxiang, Secretary-General of the Foundation, Yang Xiao, Director of Fund Management Department, Party branch secretary of School of Materials Science and Engineering Shi Yusheng, deputy secretary Huang Beina, deputy secretary of the Party branch of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Wu Jiange, attended the signing ceremony.