Wang Xinyun


Phone: (+86) 27-87543491


Academic Areas: Metal forming and its microstructure

Research Interests: Metal forming and its microstructure

Academic Degrees

PhD in Material Processing, 2002, Harbin Institute of Technology,China

Post Doctor in Material Processing, 2005, Nagoya University, Japan

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2002.

Lecture (2002-2004), School of Mater. Sci. and Eng.;

Associate Professor (2004-2009), School of Mater. Sci. and Eng.;

Professor (2009-4), School of Mater. Sci. and Eng..

Selected Publications

  • X.Y. Wang, L. Deng, etc. Size effect on flow behavior of a Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 bulk metallic glass in supercooled liquid state, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2014, 45A:3505-3511
  • Z. Mao, D. Yao, X.Y. Wang, etc. Air oxidation of a Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 bulk metallic glass at its super cooled liquid state, Corrosion Science, 2014, Volume 82, May 2014, Pages 410–419
  • L. Deng, X.Y. Wang, X.L. Tang, etc. T-shape Upsetting-extruding Test for Evaluating Friction Condition during Rib-web Part Forming, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2014 (214) 2276–2283

Courses Taught

·Materials Processing Engineering (Plastic forming and equipment)

·Precision Forging

·Extrusion Forming

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