Xia Weisheng

Associate Professor

Phone: +86-18602705922

Email: xiawsh@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Materials Processing Engineering

Research Interests: Materials Processing Engineering

Weisheng Xia is the Associate professor of Materials processing Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). His research spans Joining and welding technology, Micro-joining and Electropackaging, Robotic welding and Equipments and Thermal spraying technology. His studies are mainly focuses on the robotic welding technology and process control, Nano-materials in the micro-joining and Electropackaging and coating performance and applications by thermal spraying.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Materials processing Engineering, 2001-2007, School of Materials Science and Engineering, HUST, China;

B.S. in Materials processing Engineering, 1997-2001, School of Materials Science and Engineering, HUST, China.

Professional Experience

At HUST since 2007. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Associate Professor (2012-present); Lecturer (2010-2012);

School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Postal doctoral fellow (2007-2010)

Selected Publications

·zhu, W., Wu, F., Wang, B., Hou, E., Wang, P., Liu, C., Xia, W*. Microstructural and mechanical integrity of Cu/Cu interconnects formed by self-propagating exothermic reaction methods [J]. Microelectronic Engineering, 2014, 128: 24-30.

·Xia, W., Xiao, M., Chen, Y., Wu, F., Liu, Z., Fu, H. Thermal Warpage Analysis of PBGA Mounted on PCB during Reflow Process by FEM and Experimental Measurement [J]. Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, 2014, 26(3): 162-171.

·Wei, C., Zhang, J., Yang, S., Tao, W., Wu, F., Xia, W*. Microstructures and Mechanical Properties for Laser Tai-lor Welded Blanks of DP590 and Low Carbon Steels [J]. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, 2013, 42(S2): 68-73.

·Xia, W. S. *, Zhang, H. O., Wang, G. L., Yang, Y. Z. Functionally Graded Layers Prepared by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells [J]. Advanced Engineering Materials, 2009, 11(1-2): 111-116.

·Xia, W. S. *, Yang, Y. Z., Wang, Q. S. Effects of Operations and Structural Parameters on the One-Cell Stack Performance of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell [J]. Journal of Power Sources, 2009, 194(2): 886-898.

·Xia, W. *, Zhang, H., Wang, G., Yang, Y. A Novel Integrated Temperature Investigation Approach of Sprayed Coatings during APS Process [J]. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2009, 209(6): 2897-2906.

Courses Taught

·Foundation of Electronic Manufacturing Technology.

·Robotic Technology.

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