Chang Haixin


Phone: (86) 27-87558384


Academic Areas: 2D/Quantum materials, nanodevice and device physics

Research Interests: Materials Physics

Our research focuses on two-dimensional nanomaterials and quantum materials such as graphene and topological insulator. We investigate the novel synthesis method, low-dimensional physics and related nanodevices. Our interest includes, but is not limited to, the electronic and spin transport, optical and optoelectronic properties, nanodevice and energy applications, and the first-principles calculations of electronic structures and physical properties.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Materials Science, 2007, Institute for Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Master in Materials Processing Engineering, 2004, Yanshan University

BA in Mechanical Engineering, 2001, Yanshan University

Professional Experience

Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2013. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor (2013-present); Tohoku University, WPI-AIMR, Assistant Professor (2012-2014); Tohoku University, WPI-AIMR, Research Associate (2011-2012); Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nanocenter, Research Associate (2009-2011); Tsinghua University, Department of Chemistry, Postdoctor (2007-2009).

Selected Publications

·Thin film field-effect phototransistors from bandgap-tunable, solution-processed, few-layer reduced graphene oxide films: Advanced Materials, 2010, 22, 4872–4876.

·Regulating Infrared Photoresponses in Reduced Graphene Oxide Phototransistors by Defect and Atomic Structure Control: ACS Nano, 2013, 7, 6310–6320.

·Graphene and Graphene-Like Two-Dimensional Materials in Photodetection: Mechanisms and Methodology: ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 4133–4156.

·Graphene-based nanocomposites: preparation, functionalization, and energy and environmental applications: Energy & Environmental Science, 2013, 6, 3483-3507.

·Graphene-based nanomaterials: synthesis, properties, and optical and optoelectronic applications: Advanced Functional Materials, 2013, 23, 1984–1997.

Awards and Honors

·National 1000 Talents Youth Award (2013)

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