Shen Yue

Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87558241


Academic Areas: Materials Chemistry

Research Interests: Shape and strain control of metal oxide nanowires (since 2009) Plasma etched polymer nanowire arrays for biochips (since 2010) Nano-device fabrication (since 2010) Lithium-air batteries: cathode materials, electrolytes, redox mediators, liquid phase catal

Academic Degrees

Postdoc, 2011-2013, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Visiting Student, 2008-2010, Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD in Material Science & Engineering, 2006-2011, Peking University

BA in Chemistry, 2002-2006, Peking University

Professional Experience

Lecturer, 2013-present, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Selected Publications

1.Dan Sun, Yue Shen*, et al. A Solution-Phase Bifunctional Catalyst for Lithium–Oxygen Batteries. Journal of the American Chemical Society 136, 8941-8946 (2014)

2.Ling Yu, Yue Shen*, Yunhui Huang. FeNC catalyst modified graphene sponge as a cathode material for lithium-oxygen battery. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 595, 185-191(2014)

3.Yue Shen, Dan Sun, Yunhui Huang, et al. A high-capacity lithium-air battery with Pd modified carbon nanotube sponge cathode working in regular air. Carbon 62, 288-295(2013)

4.Yue Shen, Yingyi Liu, Guang Zhu, Hao Fang, Yunhui Huang, Xingyu Jiang & Zhong Lin Wang, Patterned polymer nanowire arrays as an effective protein immobilizer for biosensing and HIV detection. Nanoscale 5, 527-531 (2013)

5.Yue Shen, Jung-Il Hong, Sheng Xu, Shisheng Lin, Hao Fang, Su Zhang, Yong Ding, Robert L. Snyder & Zhong Lin Wang, A General Approach for Fabricating Arc-Shaped Composite Nanowire Arrays by Pulsed Laser Deposition. Advanced Functional Materials 20, 703-707 (2010)

6.Yue Shen, Jung-Il Hong, Zhengchun Peng, Hao Fang, Su Zhang, Shuxiang Dong, Robert L. Snyder & Zhong Lin Wang, Tuning the Shape and Strain in Micro/Nanowires by a Sideways Physical Deposition Process. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 21277-21280 (2010)

7.Sheng Xu, Yue Shen (co-first author), Yong Ding & Zhong Lin Wang, Growth and Transfer of Monolithic Horizontal ZnO Nanowire Superstructures onto Flexible Substrates. Advanced Functional Materials 20, 1493-1497 (2010)

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