On July 28th, the Ministry of Education experts checked and accepted Key large cell materials and Systems Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Which was constructed under the support of the school of Materials Science and Engineering and the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Acceptance Group consisted of 7 well-known experts that were Ding Wenjiang academician of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hong Li researcher of Institute of Physics, Wang Peng researcher of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Professor Zhou Xiang of Wuhan University, Professor Liu Shiyong of China University of Technology, Professor Wei Yingjin of Ji lin University, Professor Wang Baoxian of Hubei University. Ding Wenjiang academician served as team leader. Ming Mei, Deputy Director of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Division Base Department, Luo Jun, executive vice president, attended the meeting.

Acceptance Group heard the report on the laboratory construction work and carried out on-site visits. After the questioning and inquiry, the discussion, the group agreed that the Key large cell materials and Systems Laboratory of the Ministry of Education completed the construction tasks, they agreed to acceptance.

It was understood that, in the two-year construction period, the Key large cell materials and Systems Laboratory of the Ministry of Education undertook the "973", "863", the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other types of projects, the funds of which accumulated to a total of 73.2 million yuan. The laboratory area was about 5,000 square meters, gradually forming a high-level research team which consisted of National One Thousand Talents Program candidates, Cheung Kong Scholars, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young winner, Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts candidates, and have made a number of innovative research results: the development of lithium iron phosphate battery and the application in the extended range electric vehicles; the development of independent solid oxide fuel cell power generation system, whose single stack power output reached kilowatt; Originally preparing high purity fluorosulfonylimide series lithium salt which reached pilot level; Originally making lithium iron phthalocyanine empty battery efficient catalyst for the further development of the foundation.