On April 18th, 2016, Prof. Donald Sadoway from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was honored as an advisory professor of HUST and invited to give public classes. Vice President Chen Jianguo granted the letter of appointment to Prof. Sadoway, and representatives from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Academic Affairs Office and International Office attended the ceremony.

Mr. Chen expressed his warm welcome to Sadoway. He commented that MIT and HUST are key universities in United States and China respectively, and the Materials Science is the preponderant discipline of the two universities, posing a huge potential for cooperation in the discipline between the two. He hoped that the discipline will set an example for cooperation between the two universities in advantageous disciplines, and that the hiring of Sadoway as an advisory professor of HUST will encourage more experts and scholars from MIT to pay a visit to HUST, thereby promoting cooperation in scientific research and talents training in multiple disciplines.

Prof. Jiang Kai from the School of Materials Science and Engineering made a detailed introduction to Prof. Sadoway and his famous public course "Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry". Prof. Jiang said that Sadoway made a significant contribution to both scientific research and teaching, and published more than 140 papers in the Nature, Chemical Reviews, JACS and other internationally renowned journals. His course "Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry" is one of the most popular classes in MIT. In 2012, Prof. Sadoway was listed "Time 100" for his great contribution to scientific research and teaching.

Prof. Sadoway introduced the history of MIT's course "Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry" and explained how to design and teach a basic course oriented to undergraduates, and how to organically combine teaching and scientific research. Combining original literatures and life cases, he explained many important knowledge of solid state chemistry from the aspects of DNA structure and brewing principle of champagne. The diversified and lively teaching styles attracted 300 teachers and students from different schools and departments and were highly recognized. After class, Prof. Sadoway further communicated with teachers and students and took pictures with them, leaving a deep impress to the teachers and students.

Prof. Sadoway was invited by School of Materials Science and Engineering to visit our university. During his visit, Prof. Sadoway also visited the Laboratory of New Electrochemical Energy Storage Technology in the charge of Prof. Jiang Kai, and made discussion and communication with teachers and students. The Laboratory, constructed in 2012, is an electrochemical energy storage technology research platform covering such disciplines as material, chemistry, and electrical. Among members of the Laboratory, Prof. Jiang Kai and Wang Kangli were elected in the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan released by Organization Department of the Central Committee Head and Hubei 100 Talents Plan respectively, and both of them were once post-doctoral students of Prof. Sadoway.