On August 22th, 2014 to 23th, the Fifth Congress of the China Youth Association of Science and Technology held in Beijing, the CPC Central Committee, Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

The quality of education in the discipline of MSE has always been among the best nationwide. The undergraduate programs dedicate to the cultivation of a solid basis of general knowledge in materials, physics, chemistry, energy, and information, etc., as well as a proficiency in specialized subjects in materials and devices, electronic materials and their manufacturing, materials forming and quality control, mold technologies and computer applications, etc. After graduation, the student should become a high-caliber talent with creativity and global perspective, prepared for launching various careers in teaching, research and development, engineering design and advanced manufacturing, and corporate management, etc. The graduate programs in the discipline of MSE aim to educate materials professionals capable of independently conducting scientific research and engineering development with a cooperative spirit. After graduation, the student should have a solid background in materials science (or material processing, etc.) with deep understanding of its theories and applications, a sharp vision for its frontiers, and a sustained interest in innovation.

In recent years, School of Materials Science and Engineering, having invested more than RMB one hundred million in collaboration with State Key Laboratory of Material Processing and Die & Mould Technology, set up advanced public scientific research platforms and teaching bases in material analysis and test, material preparation and material forming, purchased a batch of high-end instruments and developed standardized management mechanisms and booking system, greatly improving the scientific strength and hardware condition for talent cultivation. The School has two innovative research teams under the Ministry of Education of China, namely, "New Energy Materials and Components" and "Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment", and four Hubei provincial innovative groups, namely, "Rapid Manufacturing", "Nanometer Materials and Components", "Solid Oxide Fuel Cell" and "Numerical Simulation". The disciplines of the School have further been expanded and crossing and integration of disciplines deepened. Achievements have been accomplished through integrated development of the School and state key laboratories, by strongly supporting crossing and integration of disciplines and making study in "forming problem in material and material problem in forming"; "forum of distinguished scholars" was organized, and renowned scholars in material have been invited regularly from home and abroad to give speeches for more than 160 times, thereby creating a strong academic atmosphere. All this makes the School form its significant features and advantages in such fields as forming process simulation, digital die design and manufacture, precise forming, rapid forming and manufacture, electronic packaging, new energy materials, cermet materials and nanometer and amorphous materials, keeps the School in a leading position nationwide and wins the School a high reputation in academy in the world. In 2012 through 2015, more than 500 academic papers were published, among which, 75 having an impact factor higher than 10 and 39 being highly cited papers. ESI international ranking of the material discipline has risen rapidly from 183rd in March 2012 to 102th in December 2015, a rise of about 0.1%. The Material Discipline of Huazhong University of Science and Technology ranks 49th in the latest ranking published by US News (an international authority) in 2015, the second to be listed in the top 50 disciplines only after the Engineering Discipline of the University. With further internationalization, the influence of the University has been continuously enlarged. By now, many well-known international conferences, 2015 autumn annual meeting of American Society for Materials for example, have been held, more than 100 famous scholars at home and abroad have been invited to visit our school, 11 well-known foreign scholars, including Doctor Li Jima, an academician of Academy of sciences of China, Japan and America), have been brought in as our visiting professor or advisory professor; more than 500 young teachers and postgraduates have been sent abroad to promote academic communication; a long-term stable partnership has been established with renowned academic institutes in America, Britain, France, Germany and Japan on students cultivation, cultural communication, scientific research and subject application. The School also established close university-industry-research cooperation with enterprises, to name just a few, the laboratory established jointly with Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and national engineering center of home appliance mould established jointly with Haier.

The School of Materials Science and Engineering has 121 full-time faculty members, including 51 professors (49 of them are Ph.D. supervisors) and 43 associate professors. Almost all the faculty members hold a Ph.D. degree, and quite a few are high-impact scholars with academic achievements well known at home and abroad. Our faculty members include one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 winners of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 Cheung Kong Distinguished Scholar, 2 Cheung Kong Lecture Scholars, 1 professor of National One Thousand Talents Program A, 1 professor of National One Thousand Talents Program B, 1 Recruitment Program of Foreign Expert, 6 Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, 1 professor of National Talents Project, 2 professors of Hubei Province Talents Program, 3 Chutian scholars, and 7 professors of the Ministry of Education New Century Extraordinary Talent. The honors and awards of our faculties are specifically listed as the following: Cui Kun was selected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1997. Wu Yue (2009) was selected into the National One Thousand Talents Program B, Guo Xin (2010) was selected into the National One Thousand Talents Program A, Lu Xing (2011), Xu Ming, Jiang Kai, Zai Tianyou (2012), Haixin Chang and Hanjian Tao (2013) were selected into the Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, Akasaka Kin (2013) was selected into the Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts. Yunhui Huang (2009) was selected as Cheung Kong Distinguished Scholar, Wu Xinhua (2006) and Shangguan Dong Kai (2008) were selected as Cheung Kong Lecture Scholars. Yunhui Huang (2008) and Huamin Zhou (2011) were awarded National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. Yunhui Huang was selected into the "New Century Talents Project" in 2010. Changsheng Xie was selected to the National Expert Advisory Group 973 (2007) and the National Natural Science Foundation Engineering and Materials Science Department expert review group (2011), Yunhui Huang was selected to the "863" program materials field Expert Group (2012) of Ministry of Science and the National Natural Science Foundation of China Engineering and Materials Science Department expert review group (2012). Dequn Li was selected as the member of the State Council of disciplines in 2004. Jianjun Li was selected as Outstanding Contribution specialist of Hubei Province in 2010. Yunhui Huang and Shan Bin were selected into the Hubei Province Talents Program in 2011. Junyou Yang (2011) was selected as Hubei Chutian scholar, Hu Luo (2010), Yunpeng Xie (2013) and Chunze Yan (2014) were selected as Hubei Chutian students. Liu Lin, Huamin Zhou (2004), Liliang Chen (2005), Yangjun You (2006), Shan Bin, Zhou Jianxin (2009), Xinyun Wang (2011), Hu Luo (2012), Huiqiao Li, Dunming Liao (2013)were selected into the Program for New Century excellent Talents.